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Please give what you can ladies and gents - this very special lady is raising money for a adolescent mental health unit in Sussex, which is a cause that remains very close to my heart having experienced being inpatient over the years. It’s vital for there to be more services and specialist treatments available to those suffering from psychological conditions as well as physical illnesses, but improvements to the system can only be made possible with funding - so get behind the wonderful Bethany Harris and get donating!

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A link to my official commissions so far - hopefully more to come once I’m receiving more requests!

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Anonymous: miss your videos! xo

I have a new one sweet! Sound quality is awful though given that I wasn’t particularly sober but I’m doing my best to re-upload :) 

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Anonymous: It's weird I've actually stated trying to design my tattoo! Great timing! Just wondering how much you would charge? x

Ah excellent! I’d be happy to help if you’d like :) Contact me on private (or message me on Facebook or something and we can discuss. I absolutely HATE charging but time is money as they say so at the moment I’ve been advised to give myself a modest wage per hour and charging accordingly if that makes sense - in truth the thought and care that goes into all my art can take days or even weeks but generally I can wrap up a relatively straightforward design within a few ‘working hours’ to keep the price low for people. Feel free to get back in touch if you’d appreciate my input. Cheers and take care :) x 

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So I’ve been keeping this pretty quiet but, against all odds, things may well be looking up at last - fingers crossed Mimi & Mac are going to make it to London this summer where I have somehow managed to swing a place to study at Goldsmiths despite my health forcing me to resign my A levels. To raise funds to sort the business, t-shirts etc. I’m taking on arty requests - anyone in need of tattoo designs or the like please feel free to contact me as hopefully now I’ll actually have the time and means to be creative!

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