Life in recent months has melted - the stress of property-hunting, business work as well as various nightmares health-wise means I just haven’t had the headspace, let alone the time or energy for any of this. So sorry for all the cries for help, compassionate words and general questions I’m yet to respond to. Thank you all for caring, or having a care; I’ll get back to you soon. Wish me luck renting a wheelchair for Notting Hill Carnival guys…

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Please give what you can ladies and gents - this very special lady is raising money for a adolescent mental health unit in Sussex, which is a cause that remains very close to my heart having experienced being inpatient over the years. It’s vital for there to be more services and specialist treatments available to those suffering from psychological conditions as well as physical illnesses, but improvements to the system can only be made possible with funding - so get behind the wonderful Bethany Harris and get donating!

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A link to my official commissions so far - hopefully more to come once I’m receiving more requests!

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